The Company

The company was established in 2000 to revive the principles of the original Fairey Marine range of high performance cruising motor yachts.


Ernest L. Gallegos

Ernest was born on a 66ft gaff ketch at Hamble. His father was a naval architect who designed five of the most popular marinas in the UK. His grandfather was also a naval architect and designer of Griffin I RORC Club Boat. Ernest has raced sailing boats and been involved in powerboats for over 40 years. It is his initiative that has created the Swordsman project, whose aims are to offer a motorboat that would appeal to both sailors and motorboat owners alike.

Harley Mellor

After leaving school Harley worked as a professional yachtsman on a variety of sailing and motorboats. In 1991 he joined Hallberg-Rassy UK Limited, selling new boats. Three years later he managed the development of a sister company, Transworld Yachts Ltd, whose aim was to broaden the group’s marine interests as yacht brokers and agents for other boat builders. In 1996 Harley and fellow manager Ernest, purchased the assets of both Transworld Yachts and Hallberg-Rassy UK, combining the two businesses into the Transworld Yachts of today.

Michael J. Cole

Apart from being a Fairey boat owner and enthusiast, Michael brings the strength of many years experience as Treasurer of a publicly quoted commodity trading company. He is a Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and is also a director of a number of companies, in the commodity and property fields.

Darlene W. Bernard

Darlene first went boating in East Coast waters in a carrycot. Since then she has progressed through sailing dinghies to cruising yachts around Europe, and was, until recently, part-owner of a Fairey boat. She has been involved in the commodity business for most of her working life, initially in research and later in trading. She is now a director of a London based commodity broking business