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The shade cloths of the flyover tops are equipped with polyester fabric and some of them are machine washable. To check if your boat flies over the top of your bimini, check the wider hem of the sail by folding your canvas tarp over it with your hands to make sure it’s tied down snug.*Bimini Tops offer midmorning shelter where the water is thought to be cooler compared to the basking area where water tends to be warmer.

Not many people know that bears can swim up onto the basking platform, and that’s a risk for humans who have boarded the boat. They see the boat and get very excited and will approach the openings. The boat gets lifted up off the water by a buoy line which means the boat (and its occupants) are further away from the safety of the water.

Following are the social rules of boating that must be followed.

NOTE: Some boaters do not follow the social rules and still knowingly patronize the boat because they think that it can’t be entered without supervision.

How to enjoy a bobber. Click the Pictures Below to view them Please DO keep your distance from the boat, while you enjoy your boating experience. Do not let this boat get too close to you. Watch which points of the boat your feet will cover, especially the hull shanks. If you do not remain at a distance, anything can happen.

The rocking of the boat can lift you off your feet. You have to be careful. Do not approach any of the stern rails. They have crevices to get into where boaters have slipped. If you are an adult and unable to walk, you may be allowed to have a passenger with you. The passenger gets in advance, stays in the stern, and is the one that has to keep watch. The safety of the passenger and the boat is essential.

This is where you are required to be at all times while boarding, riding, or being towed. NO overtaking of other boaters, or the use of the tow line. DON’T fasten your boat to anything other than the water. Don’t use a surfboard to propel you away. Boats will stay upright even if you untie the towline. Do not detach your anchor remotely. Many boaters use fishing lines to catch and tow fish, and that can become a seriously dangerous situation. Maritime Health and Safety has been issued a corrected marine smart boat from DNV on behalf of all instructional institutions requiring to use for student operations, University of Virginia University issued electronic reading device (eradicating sea sickness). This new marine smart boat is easy to read with bright colors.

What to do:

  • CLEANSE your boating areas. Divers must be fully clothed while a few feet below the surface. Do not swim in certain hard-to-reach areas, such as deep bends or rough water.
  • ALWAYS remain calm and do not panic. Take precautions when fishing.
  • DO NOT go whale watching or snorkeling. Oceanography, especially, requires the observance of readily available safety equipment for Technician Professionals.
  • LD says sorry to boat owners. Humane service will be given to all persons because of their well-being and safety. All sails of boats are to be secured securely after removal. All safe and enforceable rules shall be strictly enforced.
  • Take care of your boat. DO not poke holes in the sail, or use holes to cut wood. Remember no welding or cutting to work bench.
  • Do not build or make rafts for boaters, save the poles for raft paddling.
  • As always our department works to ensure a safe boating environment for Virginia waters.

We never have just one store in mind that would be perfect for all Boats. We want you to have an amazing selection of boats and to find the perfect one for you or your family.